Data Power

Title:              Data Power
Edition:            1
Author(s):          Buddy Fey
Date Published:     1996
ISBN Number:        1-88109-601-7
Number of Pages:    174
Number of Chapters: 12
Binding:            Paperbound
Order:              SAE

SAE Review

Data acquisition systems are gaining widespread acceptance in racing. For the first time, a complete and accurate picture of how the car and driver really perform is available for analysis, offering tremendous potential. Data Power is a practical guide to using data acquisition systems in racing. You'll learn simple visual techniques to recognize critical car and driver performance characteristics at a glance. Race engineer, Buddy Fey, demystifies data acquisition with the racer's perspective on how to: Choose and install a data acquisition system; Set up your PC to download and analyze data; Examine and understand graphs and data; Optimize chassis and drivetrain tuning; Analyze driver performance; and Merge data acquisition into your race day.

Chapters cover: Decisions: Data Systems and Computers; Before Using the System: Preparations; Understanding the Data: The Basics; At the Track: Testing and Racing; Examining Data: Fact Finding Tactics; The Car: Diagnosing and Tuning; The Driver: Evaluating Performance; The Track: Influences of the Environment; Case Study: Putting It All Together; and Tips, Caveats, and Hints: Important Reminders. Published by Towery Publishing. Distributed by SAE.

About the author

Author Buddy Fey's racing experience focuses on chassis tuning, data acquisition, and chassis design. He has been involved with team management, car preparation, driving,computer software development, and engine development. Complementing his racing skills is 17 years of experience in development and support of computer systems for mechanical and structural design. Over 40 race teams have benefitted from his data acquisition and engineering skills.