Drive To Win

Title:              Drive To Win
Edition:            1
Author(s):          Carroll Smith
Date Published:     1996
ISBN Number:        0-9651600-0-9
Number of Pages:    208
Number of Chapters: 19
Number of Sections: 7
Binding:            Paperbound
Order:             SAE

SAE Review

Existing books on how to drive a racing car are written from the driver's point of view. In Drive to Win, author Carroll Smith looks at what the driver does (or should do) from the point of view of the engineer, the team manager, the car owner, and the sponsor. The book is insightful, concise, and entertaining. Chapters include: The Driver - The Yellow Brick Road; and Fitness, Mental, and Physical. Vehicle Dynamics - The Driver's Best Friend: You & Your Tires; Braking; The Cornering Sequence; and Shifting Gears, Gearing, and Using the Gearbox. Learn to Win - Training Aids. Environments - Permanent Circuits; Oval Track Hints; Street Fighting; and Racing in the Rain. On Track - Testing; Practice Time; and The Race. At the Office - Safety and Cockpit Controls; and Don't Burn the Hands that Support You. Advanced Drive to Win - The Old Rules Change; The Racing Shock Absorber; and The Racing Differential. Published by Carroll Smith. Distributed by SAE.