Engineer To Win

Title:              Engineer To Win
Edition:            1
Author(s):          Carroll Smith
Date Published:     1996
ISBN Number:        0-87938-186-8
Number of Pages:    280
Number of Chapters: 19
Binding:            Paperbound
Order:              SAE

SAE Review

It's no secret that lost races and crashes arecaused by what is usually referred to as mechanical failure. But author Carroll Smithrightly contends that all failures are human in origin. Poor designs, incorrect manufactureand assembly, unreasonable demands, and negligent maintenance all lead to the dreaded"mechanical failure." Engineer To Win details racing materials technology andmany other related subjects. Chapters include: Introduction to Metallurgy; Plasticand Elastic Deformation of Metals; Iron and Steel Making; Alloying and Heat Treatmentof Steels; Historic Overview of Man's Production of Iron and Steel; Non-Ferrous Metalsand Their Metallurgy - Composite Materials; Metal Fatigue - Or Why Things Break;Threaded Fasteners - An Educated Re-Look; The Joining of Materials - Riveting,Bonding, & Welding; Plumbing Revisited; Braking System; Pre- and PostnatalCare for the Racing Wheel and Tire; Springs and Shock Absorbers; Load Transfer andSuspension Geometry; Gearbox and Final Drive; Changes in the World of VehicleDynamics; Tools & Tips; Beancounting for the Non-Beancounter; and Bits & Pieces.Published by Motorbooks International. Distributed by SAE.