Prepare To Win

Title:              Prepare To Win
Edition:            1
Author(s):          Carroll Smith
Date Published:     1996
Number of Pages:    174
Number of Chapters: 14
Binding:            Paperbound
Order:              SAE

SAE Review

Prepare To Win deals exclusively with the nuts and bolts of race car preparation. It contains no theory, only down-to-earth specific instructions on how to set up a race car in a professional manner. The whole spectrum of race car preparation is covered. Chapters cover: Threaded Fasteners; Plumbing and Plumbing Stuff; Rivets, Riveting and Welding; Basic Metal Work; The Braking System, the Clutch, Throttle Linkages and the Cockpit; Suspension Bearings and Bearing Installations; The Wheels and the Tires; The Care and Feeding of the Racing Engine; The Gearbox and the Final Drive; Suspension Alignment; Electrics, Instruments and Fuel Cells; Paint, Polish and Plating; Records, Paperwork and Organization; and The End. Published by Aero Publishers, Inc. Distributed by SAE.