Tune To Win

Title:              Tune To Win
Edition:            1
Author(s):          Carroll Smith
Date Published:     1996
Number of Pages:    174
Number of Chapters: 18
Binding:            Paperbound
Order:              SAE

SAE Review

Tune To Win covers the development and tuning of the race car. This book clearly explains the basic principles of vehicle dynamics, relating these to the various systems of the racing car and to the inputs and control functions of the racing driver. Carroll Smith explores the subject step-by-step and explains how and why each system is supposed to work. Chapters cover: Vehicle Dynamics - What's It All About?; The Racing Tire; Weight, Mass Load, and Load Transfer; Suspension Geometry; Steering Geometry and Self Steering Effects; Rates and Rate Control - Springs and Anti-Roll Bars; The Shock Absorber; External Aerodynamics; Cooling and Internal Aerodynamics; The Brakes; Understeer, Oversteer, Stability, and Response; Tuning the Engine; The Drive Line; The Peculiar Case of the Large Sedan; Racing in the Rain; Putting It All Together; Everything Else; and The End. Published by Aero Publishers, Inc. Distributed by SAE.